B-Series: The B-series trucks were made from - They are also known as pilot-house trucks because of their distinctively new cab design. There are no "A-Series" trucks. Trucks built before are classified with model types such as TC, TD, WC and VC and as "job-rated" although the job-rated nomenclature continues to be used by Dodge even today.

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After the "C-Series" trucks were made from through , and continued on with the "Power-Giant" series til The B-Series for trucks should not be confused with Dodge's B-series of cars that were made in the 70's. You will find dodge truck brochures for many of these models in the Pilot's Knowledge section.

Pictures of many of these trucks will be found in the Dodge Gallery.

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Version: B- 1, 2, 3, 4 : Four major version changes of the Dodge B-series trucks were made. Model: B : The third set of digits gives us the model truck type. The Royal was the base car, the Windsor was more luxuriously equipped. C38 Royal and Windsor 8 passenger sedan and limousine were built as executive transportation and for commercial use. These cars were mm longer than the C38 standard models in order to accommodate larger engine, but passenger accommodation was the same as the C Nonetheless, there are many fine examples on display at the events held today and their market values have held through the decades.

The C40 Crown Imperial was a limited-production, built to order vehicle. It was available as an 8 passenger sedan or limousine. A few wealthy individuals may have bought these very sober cars for personal use, but most would have been purchased by companies as transportation for the top executive. These cars were very successful, not only because demand for all new cars exceeded supply, but also because of their intrinsic value.

Chrysler continued to build these cars into early , and dealers continued to sell them to willing buyers, until the new models became available. Their success reinforced the conservative design philosophy of K. Unfortunately, buyer preferences were changing, and Chrysler products, as good as they were, did not appeal to those preferences as well or as quickly as GM and Ford products.

The author welcomes any criticism, comments or corrections to this article or the table at the end of the page. All-Fluid Drive : Dodge All-Fluid Drive provides the entirely fluid transfer of engine power to the drive line of your car. It thus affords a life preserving cushion for all vital mechanical parts of engine and power line, protecting them from shock and strain. For the driver, All-Fluid Drive continues to mean new extremes of comfort, safety, and control.

Clutching and shifting have been greatly reduced and, when shifting is required, for special occasions, it is done silently with the move of a finger. Floating Power The triangular plane formed by these points bisects the engine at its center of gravity.

1948 Dodge Power Wagon, VIN#83907392

The weight below fully counterbalances the weight above, minimizing all engine vibration. Full-Floating Ride It was first attained by scientific weight distribution with back seats placed ahead of the rear axle, cradling all passengers between the front and rear axles. This isn't just marketing hyperbole, Breer talks about the engineering issues and benefits in his book.

Foot brakes now have two hydraulic cylinders - one for each brake shoe. The front bore of the hydraulic cylinder of the rear wheel brakes has been enlarged to increase the pressure on the forward brake shoe and balance the greater braking power of the new front wheel brakes.

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Other features : New instrument panel has brighter, safer non-glare edge lighting, with sharpened contrast that makes dials easier to read Directional turn indicator special equipment is at left of steering column, opposite gear shift Plymouth New starter button on the instrument panel is a big convenience feature which will be appreciated, especially by the ladies.

New twin tail lamps Plymouth have improved optics for better light dispersal These two pages of specifications may be interesting to readers More images from the brochures are at the end of this page, after the production figures. There should be no difficulty in determining the numbers of cars built because Chrysler released a set of detailed production tables by make, car line and body style. This set of tables, which I will refer to as official production, has been widely reprinted in the Standard Catalog of Chrysler with errors , Encyclopedia and Crestline series, and other reference works.

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However, the official data does not give totals by year, but for the entire run from late to early , and it aggregates U. Fortunately there are two other sources of information: the U. The serial number sequences by plant for each model began in late or early and ran to the end of production in early Somewhere around January 1, in both and , the plants began their new and serial numbers without making any changes in the cars or breaking the sequence.

So if car xxx39 was a model, car xxx40 became the first model rather than restarting the sequence at xxx01 again. Chrysler did not market their cars by model year during this period, as GM and Ford did, but they had to offer buyers current models and titles. The Chrysler serial numbers through were published in Antique Automobile of May - June and are currently available at www. The serial number totals for models built in the U. Chrysler built only a handful of cars during September So there are two sets of data documenting U.

Chrysler production from to August serial numbers and monthly production. The monthly production numbers consistently exceed the serial numbers, not only for the - models but for all the production from late to August This is not true for Dodge, for reasons explained in the Dodge table. I have determined, without any solid evidence, that it is more likely that the serial numbers are incomplete than that the monthly production numbers are inflated.

So I have added proportionate factors to each series, to bring the serial numbers up to the monthly production of the - models and - models. Monthly production and official model year production totals for GM and Ford for the same period converge, which means that these companies did not, unlike Chrysler, aggregate U. The exact changeover dates are not known, but the changeover dates suggested by the formula fall about where they should. The changeover from to the models is very interesting. Ford had begun building its models in April GM changed over during November and December According to articles in the automotive press, Chrysler began building its true models around January 1, , but because of supplier strikes did not have enough components to build them in volume.

They had plenty of components for the old models which were still in strong demand, so for the first quarter of both models, "first series " as they were called, and true models were in concurrent production at different plants.

The information in the tables below is an effort to make available to all who may be interested the most accurate information possible on production of the - Chrysler lines in the U. I welcome comments, suggestions and supplemental information from anyone who may have it to contribute. First column entries counting after the year are U.

Second column is a proportionate factor used to raise serial numbers to monthly production of Plymouth cars in the U. Third column entry is estimated model year production and the approximate period.

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The fourth column is monthly production of P15 cars in the U. Ending date of the P15 at U. Production of the P17 and P18 began around January 1, , but the P15 models continued to be built, probably into early March. Official data includes U. Candian Dodge Kingsway are not included. They had a separate chassis designation, D25, which was identical to the P15 except for the front end and nameplates.

It can be noted that the difference between the official production total and the estimated model year total for the three years is Canadian P15 production was approximately First column entries in the first table are U. Second column entries are model year production, estimated for Dodge as equal to serial numbers. Second column also gives approximate period of production. Third column entries are calendar year production totals, late to January partial.

Official data adds Canadian production.

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Dodge D25 units are included with all Plymouth P15 tabulations if built in the U. Unlike the other makes, Dodge serial numbers and monthly production for this period are close enough to assume them to be equal; no adjustment is needed. The end date of D24 production in the U. Production of the D29 and D30 began around January 1, , but the D24 remained in production, probably until early March.

An approximate ending date of sometime in January , attributing Chassis units built are apportioned proportionately over each model year. Production of the 7 passenger model, which was built in both the U. The difference between the estimated model year total for the three years, 6. Desoto S11 estimated model year production First column entries are U.

Second column are proportional deductions of chassis, based on official production. Third column is a factor added to serial numbers to raise production to a model year estimate which will equate to monthly production of Desoto cars in the U. Fourth column is the estimated model year production and approximate changeover date. Official production includes S11 production in the U. The difference between the estimated model year total and official total over the three year period is 4. Only S11C club coupes and standard wheelbase sedans were built in Canada : no S11S, taxi or 8 passenger sedans.

Therefore the 4. This information was used to estimate the number of U. Desoto taxi units were produced on both standard and long wheelbase S11S chassis, but I have seen no breakout of the numbers produced on each chassis. Therefore I estimated the ratio of standard to long wheelbase S11C sedans built each year, and used that ratio to apportion the taxis builkt that year between standard and long wheelbase units. Chassis units are not included.


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Plymouth includes Desoto Diplomat. Dodge D24 and D24 7 passenger annual production and total U. Desoto Diplomat is included with Plymouth. S11 and S11 8 passenger annual production and total production include an estimated allocation of taxi units and is thus shown in italics. Chrysler C38 and C38 8 passenger annual production is estimated and shown in italics.