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Our New Hampshire genealogists research on location. They will find and analyze the best records available to further your family history research.

Carroll County NH Commission 3/27/19

They can search the archives and libraries in New Hampshire, including:. Dartmouth College Libraries Largest public library system in the state. There are three major roles involved in administering property taxes - Tax Assessor , Property Appraiser , and Tax Collector. Note that in some counties, one or more of these roles may be held by the same individual or office. When contacting Town of Wolfeboro about your property taxes, make sure that you are contacting the correct office.

If you have documents to send, you can fax them to the Town of Wolfeboro assessor's office at Please call the assessor's office in Wolfeboro before you send documents or if you need to schedule a meeting.

Property Tax Information Town of Madison, New Hampshire

If you have general questions, you can call the Town Of Wolfeboro Administration Building at Find the tax assessor for a different New Hampshire county. Property Tax By State. According to the U. Zoom between states and the national map to see the counties getting the biggest bang for their property tax buck. Our study aims to find the places in the United States where people are getting the most for their property tax dollars.

To do this we looked at school rankings, crime rates and property taxes for every county. We created an average score for each district by looking at the scores for every school in that district, weighting it to account for the number of students in each school. Within each state, we assigned every county a score between 1 and 10 with 10 being the best based on the average scores of the districts in each county.

Carroll County, New Hampshire

Using the school and crime numbers, we calculated a community score. This is the ratio of the school rank to the combined crime rate per , residents.

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We used the number of households, median home value and average property tax rate to calculate a per capita property tax collected for each county. Finally, we calculated a tax value by creating a ratio of the community score to the per capita property tax paid. This shows us the counties in the country where people are getting the most bang for their buck, or where their property tax dollars are going the furthest.

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