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    What Is A People Search?

    Troy Bass Sr 9 people found. No worries. If you only know the email address of a person and nothing more, here are some ways that may help you uncover the identity of that unknown email sender. If there are multiple entries, use the IP address mentioned in the last entry. Now paste the IP address in this trace route tool and you should get a fairly good idea about the approximate location of the email sender. Facebook has a billion users and the likelihood is therefore high that the sender may also have a profile on Facebook.

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    Unlike LinkedIn and most other social networks, Facebook lets you search users by email address so that should make your job simpler. Just paste the email address of the person into the search box and Facebook will instantly tell you if a profile exists with that email address or not. If you are able to locate that person on Facebook, download the profile picture and then upload it to Google Images click the camera icon in the search box.

    There are also apps that specialize in uncovering hidden caller IDs. TheTruthSpy is a simple and easy-to-use tracking app.

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    It is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and it comes with a hour free trial. If you want to track and locate your kids, the app allows you to track their calls, messages, as well as their Viber, WhatsApp, and other social media accounts. If you need to track down a person, you can use Spyzie.