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Nohl, who is currently conducting vulnerability analysis of SS7 for several international mobile phone networks, demonstrated the hack for the CBS show. He tracked a brand new phone given to US congressman Ted Lieu in California from his base in Berlin using only its phone number.

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The biggest issue for consumers is that there is little they can do to safeguard against this kind of snooping, short of turning off their mobile phone, as the attack happens on the network side, regardless of the phone used. That, of course, is not controlled by any one customer.

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Hackers have proven that they can break into SS7, but security services, including the US National Security Agency, are also thought to use the system to track and snoop on target users. How did facebook get my phone number?

I didn't give it to them. I'm looking at you, google. But recently, when digging into Facebook's settings, I found that it not only knew my phone number, but was using it as a public identifier for me.

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Given that most of us have hundreds of friends on Facebook, the chances of this happening are pretty reasonable. As Facebook says in its online Help Centre :. When we ask you to add your phone number, you may see your number automatically suggested so that it's easier for you to add.

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This might be based on your phone or tablet, your mobile operator, contact information provided by others on Facebook, or other sources. We also might have your number because you gave it to us in the past, but haven't confirmed it. Here's how. When a Facebook user tries to add new friends on their mobile app, one way to do so is by importing numbers saved on their phone.

Facebook matches these numbers to profiles, and suggests adding those profiles, displaying the user's picture and full name. Other ways of finding people using their phone number - for example, by pasting the number into Facebook's search bar - don't work if a phone number hasn't been verified, so being able to find them via the smartphone contact book in this way appears inconsistent.

Given that I hadn't granted Facebook my phone number in the first place, I didn't suspect I would have to stop Facebook using it. But in my situation, I had not given Facebook my number, was unaware that it had found it from other sources, and did not know it could be used to look me up.

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And if your name is in anyway unique, like mine, that opens up the possibility of a lot more information being available, such as where you work. Criminals looking to build up a profile about individuals could also do so using randomly generated phone numbers, or numbers that they found online but which came without any other identifying information.

But on WhatsApp you only see the person's username once they reply to a message, meaning unsolicited texters can't find out your full name. Telegram recently came under fire after security researchers found hackers had managed to confirm the accounts of 15 million Iranian users. Aral Balkan, a privacy expert who runs Ind.