Free Volunteer Police Checks may be provided in South Australia where the organisation they volunteer for meets specific criteria ie they are not-for-profit organisations that work daily with "vulnerable" populations. Note, however that the SA Government does not meet the cost for paid Volunteers in these organisations.

As in all states and territories, Police Checks are mandatory for Volunteers who work in Government-funded aged care organisations in Queensland.

Where Volunteers come into contact with children they are also required to obtain a Working With Children Check known as a "Blue Card". The Blue Card System requires a National Police Check and consideration of any disciplinary information held by professional organisations. The System monitors criminal histories in an ongoing fashion and reports these to employers. The Blue Card is conveniently designed to be transferred between organisations and is valid for two years. Whilst Volunteers in the Australian Capital Territory are not legally required to complete a Police Check or Working With Children Check, government services are required to employ "fit and proper" people.

This has been interpreted by most organisations as a requirement to obtain a Police Check, and most organisations request this as part of their own risk management procedures.

What does a background check consist of?

Volunteers in New South Wales are required by law to obtain a Police Check where they work in the aged-care field, however they are not able to get a Working With Children Check. In cases where Volunteers will be working with children they are required to sign a "Prohibited Employment Declaration" form confirming that they have not been involved in or convicted of offences relating to children.

In NSW it is the responsibility of the employer to provide this form, and it is an offence to engage anyone in paid or Volunteer capacity without it. Volunteer Police Checks are mandatory in the Northern Territory where individuals work in the aged-care field. As per other states it is mandatory to get a Volunteer Check in Western Australia where a Volunteer works in aged care.

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Australian Government Federal Register of Legislation. Australian Law Database of all matters involving the Legal system of Australia. Use this service of the Australian Communications and Media Authority to search the Register of Radiocommunications Licenses by clients, licenses, sites or registrations along with a choice of keyword types. ASIC registered auditors. Australian Prudential Regulation Authority APRA lists of authorized deposit-taking institutions, including banks, building societies, credit unions, and non-operation holding companies.

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ASIC professional register of credit registered persons, credit representatives, and credit licensees. ASIC professional register of financial services licensees, authorized representatives, and controlling entities for financial services representatives.

So is it really possible to do a Free Background Check using government agencies.

ASIC professional register of life insurance and general insurance brokers, and foreign insurance agents. ASIC license check for investment companies and schemes. ASIC register of official and registered liquidators. Australian Communications and Media Authority database of radiocommunications licenses. Index of , marriage records filed in Australia between and National Library of Australia "Trove" databases and collections, or books, photos, pictures, journals, newspapers, music, maps, diaries, letters, and more.

Enter a suburb, city, or town to find and Australia postcode. ASIC professional register of securities dealers, futures brokers, futures advisers, futures representatives, securities representatives, and investment advisers. Australian Securities and Investments Commission fundraising offer documents database. Search by name, service number, honour, or place for Australian men and women who served with the defense force or Merchant Navy during World War II.

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Instant Email Lookup. Instant Property Report. Australia Free Public Records. IP Designs Australia Designs database "A design refers to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation which give a product a unique appearance, and must be new and distinctive" from IP Australia. Some other states, whilst not specifically listing actual offences, do provide information in their daily court lists to assist in identifying certain matters such as domestic violence related charges.

The ACCR Database can therefore assist in providing information on persons before the courts for specific offence types, such as:.

How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself

A police criminal history only shows convictions. In contrast, the ACCR Database contains records of someone's scheduled court appearances, whether they have been later convicted of that offence or otherwise. It is also important to note that any website offering Australian Police Criminal History searches is either a mostly U.

Without having written permission, a court order or authorised access e. It only shows court attendance records. Also, not all states show the offences for which that person was before the courts - see Our Data for more information. No registration is required, but only the first matching names are shown. Register and create a paid account to obtain full details of the database records. Contains daily criminal and civil court data where persons involved in a matter are recorded as also having an alias, A. A free name search is available to see whether a name is in the database.

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WA offences are now being added to the database. A new Alert option is now available.