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Their homepage also states that they have over million phone numbers, including mobile phones. As you can see, they seem to have quite an extensive aggregate of information available on their site. I started my search by typing a phone number into the search box on the home page. After hitting enter, I was taken to the listing page for the number. It shows that the type of the number is mobile and also shows the carrier information for the phone number as well.

Directly under the top section is an advertisement for Whitepages. Under that section is another which shows statistics for the phone number as well locations for the area code of the number.

How to Search the White Pages to Find People

That small amount of information on the number is the only amount that currently appears to be free without a paid subscription plan. Contact info plan, full story plan, and the full story one time plan. The pricing seems relatively straightforward and actually very feasible given all of the features that come with it. Just like any other partner, you grow concerned and the number haunts you for days.

You want to buy something from someone on a shopping site and they give you their phone number to text or call when you meetup. You are looking for a new job or career and begin applying for jobs that catch your eye. You want to know what information is out there about you so you decide to perform one yourself. You are online dating and your new flame gives you their first and last name. You want to learn more about that person before meeting them face to face. Their teacher or school bus driver is a good example.

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You decided that you want to purchase a house. Before doing so, you may want to check who lives next door. Something bad happened and you need to report a person or take them to court. Doing a background check on that person ay help your cause. Thank you so much! You are welcome, Jim. Thanks for sharing your experience and the fact that you used your Google Voice number for the removal.

Its a free account. Can you add a screen shot on how to remove the listing for a free account please. Please go back to the tutorial and carefully follow all steps again. You do not need to have any account, free or paid, to do the removal. I already have the correct screenshots in the tutorial.

Whitepages 3.3.23 Update

This worked great. I followed your instructions and I received an email to the address that I provided. A day later, I received an email from customer service saying that my profile had been removed. I have confirmed that it has been removed. I also received a customer satisfaction survey. I expected the worse and it all went great. Thank you very much for the helpful instructions! Thanks for sharing your positive experience. I appreciate that!

The process is very confusing and frustrating, and your attempts to make money off people like me is shameful. I am sorry you are having a difficult time, Diana.

I provide help in the way of free tutorials as a courtesy and I answer questions on my tutorials and also make corrections when sites make changes to their opt out procedures that render my directions inaccurate over time. You are right that opt outs can be confusing for some sites.

Why Are White Pages Reverse Phone Lookups Needed?

My business was started by people asking if they could pay me to do the work for them rather than trying to do the work themselves. I followed your tutorial but at the opt-out page I get an error reply stating they could not find the site associated with the url, the url is too long more than characters and url is invalid. I have tried over and over again to complete the instructions you provided for opt-out for white pages free but after I enter the URL on the opt-out page i just get a blank page.

Can you try doing it from a different browser? Alternatively, I can do both free and premium removals for you for a fee. If you email me your name and city and state privately, I will give you the link. Please note that the link for free whitepages is not the same as the link for Premium whitepages. When I searched on this site, there are a dew listings at old addresses that I would like to remove.

My ID has my current address, so it will not match any of the addresses I would like removed. Will they still remove my listing? You can use the same ID for every address you locate. But you will need to do a separate removal for each address by providing the unique URL and uploading the same ID with each request.

Thank you for the information. Extremely helpful.

Home Phone Directories | Verizon Phone Support

Do you have any recommendation on how to remove all information from voterrecords. Lydia, you can use their contact form to ask for some of your information such as your home address to be removed. It has been very difficult to remove myself: I had to contact customer service last year.

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And now I have just seen all my information is back again online with even more details. It is really very unethical to contact them to remove my information, and now a couple of months later they put everything back up online again. I find this site to be among the top of the list when it comes to frustrating and on the unethical side.

But I eventually have success although it is challenging and annoying having to reach out repeatedly. Follow all of the directions in my tutorial and you too will succeed. Tenacity is key. I followed your tutorial but, as I said, the removal page is suspiciously not working. The same situation happened on December The problem is that removal seems not to be permanent.

They are very unethical: Whitepages waits a couple of months, and then they repost everything. It should not be coming back but that certainly is possible. I have not had that happen with my own information. The confusion is sometimes because of the difference between their free and their paid service. It should eventually disappear on its own or I can speed track that for a small fee.

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  5. If you need help, reach out via my contact form. Good luck. It depends on what you mean by everything. I can remove you from only 1 site, from any amount of sites you want or from my standard list of sites combined with the sites you show up in on Google — that usually covers sites. Please email me via my contact form with more specifics or with a telephone number to go over your specific needs.