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Uploaded by Nekhanimal. Virus scan Safe to use. Forum thread. Tank member 10 posts 0 kudos. Would somebody care to explain how to make this thing go faster? Went to that extreme after slowly raising the number to 1k, 2. No change in speed at all.

Full text of "Fallout 2 Strategies & Secrets (Sybex)"

I also fiddled with a few other values in that general area. What am I missing? TARI member 6 posts 0 kudos. ToDGM69 member 1 posts 0 kudos. XxRarityx17 member 84 posts 0 kudos. Only fix is to load an earlier save. Its happening allot to me. ManaUser member 8 posts 0 kudos. Chapter 2: Dwellers of the Wastes It takes all kinds. Chapter 4: Pretty Dam Useful Things There are many other useful items out there, and a lot of junk, too. This chapter spells out which is which.

Part 2: Travels of the Chosen One The second part of the book features a detailed, area-by- area tour of the Wastes. This chapter covers the random encounters you may have along the way and your first three destinations: Arroyo, Klamath, and the Den.

Fallout 2 - How to get the car #15

Chapters: Guns and Gold A forgotten army post and a gold-mining boom town will keep you busy here. Areas: the Sierra Army Depot and Redding.

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Chapter 1 1: To the Great Salt and Beyond By the sea, by the beautiful sea, mystery and peril abound. Areas: Navarro, San Francisco, and the Enclave. Appendix A: A World of Fallout This first appendix contains maps of every town and adven- ture area in the game. The maps follow the order in which the areas are described in the sec- ond part of the book. Appendix B: Inside the Vault Appendbc B covers the hectic, enjoyable, and often just plain wacky process of making Fallout 2.

Listen closely, young warriors, and you just may live to be old warriors None of these changes will have any signficant impact on game- play or weapons balance, so in the interests of getting this book in the hands of the lucky folks who play the game the first weekend it's out, we're going to make the unual choice of running with what we have.

[Fallout 2] How do you install the fuel cell regulator on the Highwayman?

In the off-chance that the numbers do shift a little, be sure to go to the Sybex Web site www. The Pastes are vast and unforgiving. Teaching will give our young ones knowledge, if they heed my tired words, but only time will give them wisdom. I pray that the spirits give them the time they need. Most of the world is very different titan the village where you start your journey. You'll run into many strange creatures and, often, stranger humans.

To survive, you'll need to know what sorts of things you can scrounge up or, better yet, take from those strangers. Chapter 2 covers the essentials— weapons and armor. Chapter 3 describes the rest of the items in the game, including the drugs. You'll become a lean, mean, village-saving maybe even world-saving machine. If you remember to listen closely and learn what I have to tell you, your success is as certain as the promise of the GECK's salvation. They seek paths beyond the trails trodden from village to pasture, and to field and back. This focus, I am con- vinced, is what separates those who return to us from those who return only to the bosom of our ancestors.

When I say best, I don't mean the best in terms of the game, I mean the best in terms of your own preferences in gameplay and problem solving. Some players enjoy shooting their way through problems, others want to sneak around them, and still others would like to talk their way out of a jam. We've worked hardto make sure that there are almost as many ways of doing things in the Wastes as there are in the real world. So, there are quite a few ways to make the best character. This chapterwill help you make the char- acter who's best for you, no matter which style of play you enjoy most.

A good understanding of com- battactics is also vital to your charac- ter's survival, so I'll go over the strategies that will enable you not just to survive, but to conquer. All the may- hem that you'll learn to effectively cre- ate will influence the way other characters react to you. So, the final thing that I'll explain in this chapter is how and why people in the game react to your character the way they do.

Chapter 1: Survivai Strategies Me Otte Unlike many other role-playing games, Fallout 2 has no rigidly defined character roles. Although you have the freedom to create almost any sort of character that you want, we designed the game with three types of character in mind. Each of the three types is defined by the way they go about doing things and solving problems. Each is built to excel at one style of play. Narg is a simple-minded combat machine. Mingan is a well-balanced character who relies upon stealth and stealing see Figure 1.

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While Chitsa has weak combat skills, she can use her high Charisma and communication skills to influence people see Figure 1. Charisma Boy — Personable and well spoken, he can convince others to see things his way. Combat — He can kill everyone or everything that stands in his way.

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Stealth Boy — He can sneak by or around any obstacle. Having a variety of possible solutions makes for a more entertaining and realistic gameworld. In real life, there is rarely only one way to skin a cat. Here's an example of our thinking when we constructed the game. Suppose some Raiders have kidnapped a child.

Creating the Chosen One Chapter 1: Survival Strategies Combat Boy could solve the quest by attacking the bandits and killing all who stand in the vray of freeing the child.

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  • What makes one type of character different from another are the Statistics and Tag Skills that you select when you create your PC. Skills that are Tagged can improve at twice the speed ofun-Tagged skills. When you create your character, you are allowed only three Tag Skills. Therefore, the Stat and Tag Skill choices you make during character creation will determine your style of play for a large part of the game. Use the information in Table 1. Table 1. If you like combat and revel in weaponry, create a Combat character. If you prefer patiently sneaking around and out-thinking your opponents, a Stealth Boy is more your style.