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Highly recommend Fresh Start Law Center to anyone needing this type of assistance. Totally reliable and well worth the money. Huffman was a joy to work with. We have won thousands of expungement cases for our clients in California. We have seen every type of expungement case, and we specialize in this unique area of law. Provide some quick info, and one of our record clearing attorneys will reach out to you right away. California Misdemeanor Expungement Being convicted of a misdemeanor in California does not just weigh on you mentally, but may also negatively affect your ability to secure employment in this tough job market, which in turn affects both you and your family's future.

If you are unsure, it is highly likely that your case took place in state court as a vast majority of criminal cases are state cases. County jail and holding cells are NOT state prison. If you are still on probation there is still hope, check out our early termination of probation service. Why Choose Us?

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Serving All of California. Multiple Case Discounts. Experienced Law Firm. Want a Free Consultation? Expungement or dismissal of convictions are generally granted to misdemeanors -- or felonies that could have been tried as misdemeanors -- that resulted in a stay at county jail, probation, a fine or a combination of these things.

California Felony Expungment

Additionally, there are convictions that absolutely cannot be expunged or dismissed. Primarily, these crimes involve sexual assault of a minor, the concealment of sexual assault of a minor, or child pornography. But certain felony offenses for refusing vehicle inspection, evading an officer or resisting arrest can also be excluded from expungement or dismissal under certain circumstances.

Knowledge is power. The more you understand the circumstances of your conviction, the better you will be able to explain to advocates exactly how to help you. You may still qualify for Prop 47 record reclassification. Click here to learn more. If the previous steps are not applicable to your record, other resources are available. Scroll to the bottom. You can obtain your record in two ways:. A self addressed stamped envelope for return mailing of the records.

Be sure to write your phone number on the check. Now that you have your record, you can see whether there are aspects that qualify for expungement or dismissal. The tool will ask for information about your record as well as your current residential and employment information in an effort to better understand your eligibility for expungement or dismissal. This service is available at www. From there, your application will be reviewed by a public defender to determine whether an expungement or dismissal may be possible.

Unfortunately, expungement or dismissal is not an efficient process. If you are eligible, be prepared to wait months for expungement or dismissal to occur and show up on your record. Penal Code Note that the California Department of Justice will review and seal all past marijuana convictions that are no longer considered crimes now that recreational marijuana is legal. This process should be done by July 1, See California Assembly Bill Under Penal Code One particular benefit is that an expunged conviction does not need to be disclosed to potential employers.

A person is also not eligible for expungement if convicted of certain sex crimes involving children. People who are not eligible for an expungement may be able to get relief for their offenses through:.

Who is eligible to have a conviction expunged?

To help you better understand Penal Code If, after reading this article, you would like more information about criminal record expungements in California, we invite you to contact us at Shouse Law Group. An expungement is a form of post-conviction relief authorized by California Penal Code Clearly, this includes being able to state that you have a clean criminal record--something that a PC Expungements are also beneficial for securing or maintaining California professional licenses and for joining many professional organizations.

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As a basic rule, Penal Code The person applying for PC Someone who was sent to California state prison -- either at the time of judgment or because of a probation violation -- does not generally qualify for a PC But there is an exception for people who would have served their sentence in county jail if they had committed the crime after "realignment. As noted above, a conviction can not be expunged if the person who was convicted was sentenced to state prison UNLESS the crime is one for which the person would now be sentenced to jail.

Beyond that, there are also certain criminal offenses in California that cannot be expunged. These include serious sex offenses committed against children, such as.

The court will hold a special hearing to determine whether the applicant is nonetheless a good candidate for expungement. Factors that the judge may consider include but are not limited to :. Defendants who were convicted and sentenced to state prison may still be able to expunge a conviction. Eligible applicants are those who would have been sentenced to jail for the crime had it been committed after 's Proposition 47 Realignment legislation.

This exception is found in California Penal Code Relief under Penal Code The judge can grant the petiton if he or she believes it would be in the interests of justice. To qualify under PC Defendants need to petition the court in order to be considered for expungement under Penal Code The defendant may make the application:. Before the court will grant a California expungement under Penal Code Timely filing paperwork is critical. For example, the applicant for an expungement must provide the prosecutor with at least 15 days' notice prior to the hearing.

This is to give the prosecutor an opportunity to review the case and object if desired. There are numerous benefits to obtaining a California expungement. Some of the most significant include:.

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This is because, in the past, a person's criminal history was unlikely to be discovered by anyone but law enforcement. But then information companies began indexing criminal court records into vast national databases that could be searched by name and date of birth. This new technology allows potential employers, licensing agencies and professional organizations to conduct a background check and find a criminal record in moments.