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How to find row and cell Index of mouse click inside Silverlight DataGrid?

Format expression in code. When I set the following line of code inside the loop applying the formatting to the column. Format property, all the integers displayed in the correct format:. So bottom line? You are commenting using your WordPress.

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This may happen for variety of reasons. One possible cause may be that the UltraGridRow's list object may be out of sync with the underlying data list. This can occur if the underlying data list fails to raise proper events notifying the bound controls UltraGrid of change in the data list.

If you are using a custom IList data source, try implementing IBindingList interface on the data list and raising ListChanged event appropriately. If the data list already implements IBindingList then it may be failing to raise proper notifications.

You can also try calling RowsCollection. Refresh on the grid's rows collection to synchronize the grid's list objects with the data lists. Note that the UltraGrid will continue operating normally.

The BindingContext threw an exception from its indexer. One such reason is when creating the currency manager for a child band, the currency manager may fail to get instantiated because it is not be able to retrieve an instance of IList from the parent list object. This can occur when the parent list has 0 items and thus no parent list object to retrieve the child list from.


In such a case the child currency manager attempts to add a temporary item to the parent list so it can retrieve a child list instance from the parent list object. If this fails, because for example the list is read-only or does not support adding, then the currency manager will fail to be instantiated, resulting in an exception being thrown by the BindingContext indexer.

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The UltraGrid will proceed with further retrieval of the data structure however it will not be able to display this particular child band level and its descendants since UltraGrid can not retrieve the proper data structure for this band at this time. However note that the UltraGrid will make further attempts at retrieval under appropriate conditions, like for example when the parent currency manager raises PositionChanged notifications, which may be in response to adding of an item in the parent list object or change in the current item of an ancestor currency manager.

Possible workarounds may be to implement IBindingList on the data source if it already doesn't implement this interface. UltraGrid makes use of this interface for retrieving the data structure if it fails to obtain the CurrencyManager from the BindingContext. If this failure is due to a parent list being read-only and having 0 items, you can temporarily enable adding while the data source binding is taking place. This typically occurs when the UltraGrid's row collection gets out of sync with the underlying data list.

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However this resynchronization process can be inefficient if there are lot of rows. If you are using a custom IList as the data source and you are experiencing performance issues in association with this error message, you may want to make sure that the data list raises proper notifications for changes in the data list. Choose Yes to delete the rows or No to exit.