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Thank you again for your prompt help.

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I stumbled upon your blog a while a go and I could not stop reading! I have thought of looking into my ancestry. Thanks for this it was really full of great resources for my family tree. I will be visiting this site as soon as I can.

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Looking forward to your other posts. I'm getting ready to upload a family tree.

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Is there any advantage of one over the other? Or should I upload to both? If both, I forsee synchronization problems, but maybe that's acceptable.

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Subscribe To Posts Atom. Comments Atom. Some people eat, sleep and chew gum, I do genealogy and write Genealogy crosses cultural, ethnic and religious boundaries. As far as possible, FamilySearch tries to be absolutely fair and neutral in its dealings with researchers of all faiths and backgrounds. For example, as volunteers Missionaries at the Mesa FamilySearch Library, as a policy, we do not discuss religion at all with the patrons, except as it relates to research on their family lines.

I am sure that there are individuals who do not follow this policy, but the FamilySearch websites and programs are open to all regardless of religious affiliation or no religious affiliation.

Bringing the Family Together

That said, there are some things about genealogy that are unique to those who are members of the Church. Because of our fundamental religious beliefs in proxy ordinances for our deceased ancestors , there is a lot of misunderstanding about the Church and its members.

The two programs, New. To those who confuse both our motives and our actions, we and I am in particular are willing to discuss our beliefs. But a fundamental tenant of our believe is as follows: "We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

Visiting the local records office for me is a round trip and not possible for a few weeks so I wondered what experience some of you may have had in visiting your nearest Church of Latter Day Saints All I have picked up from the website are names and Baptism dates along with confirmation of mother and father. I have also noted, however, various file and page numbers, which generally seem to tie up. I can find no further references to these online and wondered if anyone can tell me if the aforementioned short trip is going to provide more information. In other words, can a visit to the Church provide more information that can be found on the website.

Any other thoughts of what I might look at to keep me occupied until I make the trip to my 'homeland' would also be most welcome and I look forward to hearing from any of you more seasoned family researchers than I. With all good wishes, Roger.

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If you click onto the "source call number" it will tell you where the info is from on the film ie Bishops transcripts etc. We order the film by phoning the nearest LDS research centre and they order it in for us, I presume it works the sameway in the UK. Then you can go look at it. There is a cost involved of course. That makes sense. All the best.

Go to the above page, scroll down to England click then find the county required. You may be lucky!


Its time consuming but well worth the effort. Good luck with your research. Very useful and should be recommended to anyone using the Family Search site. It's already helped me to find two ancestors I knew nothing about. Thanks to you also Geordie Lass; no I don't have links to the North-East although one move further north will put me among you. I guess it's obtain the roll from my local LDC Church or take a trip to the local records office.

Many thanks to all of you. It's good to know you're out there! Others may have multiple computers, film readers, fiche readers and a reader from which you can take copyprints from the film or fiche and of course are open to all.

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The FHC may also have a significant collection of resources on permanent loan. The opening hours may be an indication of what to expect!

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  • Many of us have specialist knowledge in Irish, Scottish, British-India that's me!