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Preparation materials are offered on the website. If you just got your teaching degree, you can get a two year Initial Practitioner license. If you are a working teacher and have completed your mentoring program, you can get a five year Proficient Practitioner License. Once you have met all the requirements, you can apply for your license online at the Licensing Verification and Information System website.

Since ESL education is a high priority in Indiana, the Indiana Department of Education provides a number of resources to help you teach these students. One is an article on practical strategies to support ELs in the classroom.

Also, the Office of English Learning and Migrant Education provides a number of resources that may be helpful. As of , your recommendation for renewal is handled by your school district.

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This is equivalent to six semester credit hours. Your principal will verify your activities and points.

Indiana has an urgent need for ESL teachers. According to the U. Department of Education, the state faces a critical shortage of ESL teachers for the school year. Teacher salaries vary a great deal in Indiana depending on the school and such factors as experience and education.

The Indiana Teaching and Certification Resource

To help school districts set teacher salaries, an Indiana public law required the IDOE to publish a model salary schedule. Some districts pay much more than the already high state average. Lori L. This report finds that teacher salaries in Wyoming are highly competitive in both dimensions. One report stated that the average salary has increased about 12 percent in recent years.

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  • Indiana Math Teacher Salary Expectations.
  • Ever wonder what that public employee down the street makes? CJ Data has the scoop.
  • The Indiana Teaching and Certification Resource.

Another benefit for teachers in this Midwestern state? Ohio schools prioritize small class size , with an average of one teacher for every 15 students. Unlike most states, Ohio only provides about a third of education funding, and local taxes are responsible for the majority of education budgets. The state has strong teachers unions, which lobby for higher wages.

Many schools there are short on teachers, and saw two huge teachers strikes that affected public school educators in various districts. But because of a struggling economy, educators in many districts have had to take pay cuts, and these salaries may not bounce back even as the economy improves. What matters is that your tax dollars pay their salaries, and the public has a right to inspect each and every one of them.

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Some salaries may be outdated, depending on how often public employers report their data to the state. More: What is Gov. Matt Bevin doing with Kentucky's education boards? That information can now be searched in our database.