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Your basically out of luck Unless you can find previous owner and have them call sprint to release it. Previous owner has balance due or device reported stolen.

December 02, 2005

I bought my phone used from a buddy that graduated to an iphone as all I wanted was the calendar for work on the go no more palm and phone seperate But sprint told me that if i didn't have a data plan on my phone that it would practically explode in my ear while i was on the phone and wouldn't get phone calls. Sorry to hijack. Sprint reps are a bunch of morons with respect to the few. If you take an i and follow the SIMPLE instructions on this forum on how to make i work with Boost, the phone will work as it is designed.

Of course minus a few features. You do not have to call Nextel to activate the phone uness you want to sign up for the BB plan and have access to all the BB services. Sorry so long winded.

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I really didn't need all the data. Thanks Grant! No problem. That's what this forum is all about JohnyLunchmeat CB. I have a i no data plan with the k sim card and I am thinking about buying a used i and putting my SIM in it.

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  8. I have read countless info on this and it appears as though it will work for what I use it for which is calls, DC, and incoming texts which I get from work with job info. My question is what exactly is flashing the phone and do I need to do it? I don't need a data plan or anything else, just having the better calender would be nice.

    I have a Storm I use for the other stuff. Hey Johny, you don't need to flash anything, if you have long contact names on your i they will be truncated, that happened to me. I don't know why this happens going to a smartphone and all. You might have to activate it with Nextel for the texting to work.

    Thanks, hopefully Nextel won't say I need a data plan. Does the i have group talk, talk group or both? Quick update So After calling customer service I was told I needed a data plan. I expected that but had to check. After a long weekend of reading the forums I was able to get around the SMS issue and can now send and receive text messages without a data plan.

    Sorry to thread jack lol. Read my previous post in this thread. I'm surprised no one told him that a Blackberry Nextel plan is totally different than a regular nextel plan, because of the fact that they have to activate BIS and setup the private IP for the phone and then download the service books to him, in which the best thing to do is just take it into your nearest sprint store and let them scan the IMEI number into your account and get you setup. I had a similar situation with my i few months ago.

    Sprint online service or phone service repeatedly told me the same exact things that the phone has been activated under another account that they cannot do anything. This was a brand new phone I received from nextel. Log in Already have an account? Log in here.

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