It was his non-throwing shoulder -- which he's dislocated 15 times in his life -- and he never went on the disabled list with the injury. But the antics did get him shipped out to the Minor Leagues, and he had to wait another year-and-a-half to get his first big league callup.

It didn't fly. Sparks, now the Astros' radio analyst, laughs at the memory, but at the time, it was, he said, "devastating.

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He didn't get his first big league callup until That Spring Training was, at the time, his best shot to make the roster. We spent so many years in the Minor Leagues and she was so supportive -- she worked two jobs so we could eat. To spill that news to her, I felt like a jerk. This story has a happy ending.

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Sparks ended up pitching eight years in the big leagues. He and his wife, Michelle, are still happily married.

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And his popularity keeps growing among the Astros fanbase as a funny, insightful analyst on the radio. Alyson Footer is a national correspondent for MLB.

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Follow her on Twitter alysonfooter. By Alyson Footer alysonfooter. March 14, Up Next. You can also make the feat more difficult by doing it away from the body or by wearing over mitts.

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Ripped Guy Teaches Weak Dude To Rip Phone Book In Half

This feat has often been faked by baking the phonebook in an oven to make it brittle and easy to tear. That is by applying the pressure in a certain way, you can make a book pop and the rest of the tear becomes easy. This video shows the improper way of tearing phonebooks and not even a good attempt at it. As you can see this can be done without strength. Want to become a strongman and do phonebook tearing?

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Leave this field empty. In the standard pinch grip think of holding two weight plates together with your hand , your thumb works opposite of the four fingers.

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Here, your fingers will be working opposite of the palm of your hand. One hand is the posting hand. This will typically be your non-dominant hand. You grip the phonebook near the spine and press it down against your thigh. The opposite end of the phonebook should be near your hip crease. The goal of the posting hand is to keep the phonebook secured in this spot, while the ripping hand does the ripping part.

How to Rip a Phonebook in Half!

Just know that without a strong post, nothing will happen. The ripping hand then grasps the phonebook right next to the post hand, except on the side where the pages are loose.

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Grip the phonebook tightly with both hands, posting down hard.