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Small Cell Lung Cancer News and Research

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The Key Points in Small Cell Lung Cancer that A Patient Should Know

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Chemotherapy May Cause Early Menopause. Overcoming Obstacles to Adherence. Stronger Where Broken. After consulting multiple doctors about her ongoing cough and congestion, LeeAnn Devore asked one of her physicians if she might have lung cancer. Finally, in November , one doctor decided to do a biopsy of her lung tissue, and the results were positive for small cell lung cancer SCLC.

Small Cell Lung Cancer News, Research

They are looking into how differences in the expression of genes and proteins between tumour cells — called intra-tumoural heterogeneity ITH — contribute to resistance to chemotherapy. It seems that some tumour cells in SCLC patients are killed off by chemotherapy while others are not.

Resistant cells then continue to grow — and prevent further response to treatment. The study shows that scientists now need to investigate ITH in greater depth to clarify whether it drives some of the pathways that lead to SCLC becoming resistant to chemotherapy. The team also found that SCLC tumour models sensitive to chemotherapy had more cells that express two genes, ASCL1 and DLL3, while those that were resistant to chemotherapy had fewer cells expressing those genes or had undergone a process known as EMT which has also been shown to play a role in resistance in other cancers.

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This could lead to developing a biomarker for SCLC, a potentially useful diagnostic tool for identifying the disease. Your support is our biggest weapon in the fight against lung cancer.