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Adjudicated Youth Offender Programs

Individuals who qualify for assessment services are those who are admitting to sexual misconduct, or have a sustained charge through the juvenile system. Assessments are considered to be therapeutic in nature and must not be utilized for the purpose of gathering evidence or clarifying guilt.

Rather the assessment seeks to clarify treatment need, direction and environment treatment should take place within.

Toolkit for Working with Juvenile Sex Offenders

The program accommodates youth ranging in age from thirteen to twenty, who either have an offense on record charged through the juvenile justice system, or admit to the sexual misconduct referred for and are being handled by Children and Youth Services. Since our program is not a detention secure center, youth who have been particularly violent or are actively aggressive may not be suitable. Although it is a very rare occurrence within the program, youth who remain in a state of blatant denial over their charges are considered for removal after a reasonable period of time.

All efforts to avoid such cases are taken prior to requesting a client's removal. Adolescent Development and Preventative Treatment A.

About the Program ADAPT is committed to meet the diverse needs of adolescents who have sexually offended, or otherwise are displaying difficulties with their sexual behavior. Transitional Programming Assessment Service Out-Patient Services Sexual Offender Assessment Provides identification and evaluation for youth who are exhibiting sexually inappropriate behaviors or symptoms within this area. We make our best effort to reduce the risk of any offender who is in or who will be re-entering the community.

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This includes offenders in denial whose risk can also be reduced even while they do not take full responsibility for their actions. Skip to main content. Orange Psychological Services, Inc. The San Francisco Forensic Institute.

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Abel Screening, Inc. Anew Therapeutic Services, Inc. The Counseling and Psychotherapy Center.

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National Sexual Assault Conference ATSA Conference. Check Pending California Legislation.

Treatment with Sex Offenders: Etiology, Treatment targets, and Intervention Strategies (Part 1/3)

California Penal Codes. ATSA Conference recordings. Safer Society Press. Static Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment. New Jersey.

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National Sexual Violence Resource Center. In other cases the fact that the juvenile has been found to be a good candidate for treatment assists us in negotiating reduced charges, and in convincing the Court to give our client the opportunity to complete treatment rather than be incarcerated.

If your child has been accused of a sexual offense you need an experienced and aggressive attorney who understands how to help that child get through this ordeal.

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FAQs on Sex Offender Treatment

Defending Juveniles Accused of Sex Offenses. Juvenile Sex Offenders are Different From Adults There are several important differences between adolescent and adult sex offenders.

Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment—What is it? Juvenile Sex Offender TreatmentHow do You get Involved Before a treatment provider can accept a juvenile into their treatment program there must be a psychosexual evaluation done by a state certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider with expertise in working with juvenile offenders. What Does Sex Offender Treatment do to Help the Criminal Case Washington has sentencing alternatives for juveniles who participate in sex offender treatment that offer an opportunity to avoid long-term incarceration. Our Videos.