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This way we can offer MORE to our customers. We put forth extra effort to exceed our customer's expectations.

Your New Home Warranty

We operate our own Cabinet Division. Scheelk Construction, Inc. Dave Scheelk Wisconsin Energy Star Builder noted for sustained excellence in building performance averaging one of the lowest air infiltration rates. Small volume, on-site builder.

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Attention to detail and design. Experienced subcontractors specialized in their fields. Warranties on every home. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

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Personal attention to your needs and desires, crafting a personalized and comfortable home. Model homes available.

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Build to suit on your lot or ours. James W Sollberger Construction, Inc. James Sollberger Experience the difference of a quality custom home or renovation. From concept to design, and throughout construction, you can be assured personal attention. Green built home designs that reduce the amount of waste during construction and the energy efficiency of the home overall. We understand the complexities of what it takes for a family to achieve their goal of owning a custom home. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service and construction that meets or exceeds our customers expectations.

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Gryboski Builders, Inc. Our Principles: Gryboski Builders does not want to build the most homes, just the best homes. If the customer is not satisfied, neither are we. Our People: Gryboski Builders employs its own carpenters and painters who are truly the finest, experienced craftsmen. Robert Peters Construction Inc.

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We can assist you with final details on your plan OR ours. Homes competitively priced without sacrificing quality. Unsurpassed customer service during AND after construction. Our greatest compliment is referrals and repeat business from our customers who have experienced building with us.

Tom Riesenberg Over 30 years experience in Real Estate and new home construction. Licensed General Contractor since Quality products, quality supplies and quality subcontractors, many of whom he has done business with since Attention to detail and excellent coordination of scheduling completion from start to finish.

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Above and beyond call back service after the sale. Drury Designs, Inc.

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Pat Drury Over 20 years of experience from the floor up. Without a home warranty, repair or replacement costs may quickly add up to much more than the cost of a plan. You may be charged for things that include:. If you ever decide to sell, having a home warranty plan in place may be reassuring for potential buyers.

Warranties for Newly Built Homes

They'll know that you took steps to keep your home running smoothly and that they will be protected should an appliance or system fail immediately after the sale. To see how we work with homeowners and builders, check out our Home Warranty reviews. A home warranty from HWA protects your budget and your peace of mind against the unexpected expenses of inevitable home repairs.

Whether you're buying, selling, or already in your home, we have a plan to fit your needs! Need to file a claim?

Our Customization Process from Start to Finish

File online for a faster response! The first is the implied warranty of good workmanship , which is the reasonable expectation that a home will be built in a workmanlike manner. The second is the implied warranty of habitability , which is the reasonable expectation that the home will be safe to inhabit. The implied warranties, however, have limits in the form of statutes of limitation and statutes of repose, which essentially are time clocks that determine for how long a homeowner may sue a contractor.

Statutes of limitation in each state dictate how long an owner can invoke various types of legal claims — for example, a breach of contract claim. Statutes of repose apply specifically to construction projects, and set the time for which builders and designers are liable for their product. These also vary by state. In Georgia, the statute of repose is eight years for all claims related to design or construction of the building.

Finally, most states also have a right to repair law, which means that before homeowners can sue a contractor, they need to notify the contractor of the problem and give him or her a chance to come see it and repair it. The key thing to understand about warranties is that many builders offer their own warranty in lieu of the implied warranty. Some states allow you to do that.

Though there is no industry-wide standard, many residential contractors have adopted a one-year warranty for their contracts. The practice likely trickled down from commercial construction, where a callback warranty is typical. A callback warranty means that within one year, a building owner has the right to call back the contractor and expect him or her to repair work, Lehman says. The downside for homeowners who agree to a one-year warranty is that they likely trade away their right to the implied warranty, and they may also agree to limit the time they have to discover a defect and sue.

Obviously, this is a plus for builders because it limits their risk. Procter, outside general counsel for the Wisconsin Builders Association. Though a one-year warranty may seem like a poor deal for a homeowner, a contract with details spelled out does provide an upside: some degree of clarity in the process. Ideally, a warranty includes not only the time period that the warranty covers, but also the standards by which various materials will be evaluated, and the steps to follow when a problem arises.

In a minority of states, the legislature has codified what a warranty is and how long it lasts for a variety of materials, Jaffe says. If you live in one of these states, you can refer to the state-set standards. If you decide to use this guide as the standards by which problems will be judged, be sure you read it first and are comfortable with its terms. Sometimes having the terms spelled out is simpler than relying on the implied warranty because the implied warranty is so vague.